Dec 24, 2015

285. Joulukalenteri 24 / Christmas calendar 24


Christmas Eve was plain chaos in Korvatunturi! There were lots of last minute preparations; gift wrapping, organizing, grooming reindeers and preparing the sleigh for Santa. Only the delicious Christmas meal gave the whole crew a moment to relax.
When Santa left to share presents with few assistants everyone else took a deep breath and sighed for relief. The long chore was finally over!
Elf trainees didn't get fully relaxed though. They were waiting for Christmas Day when they would hear if they became real elves or not. Elias was so tense that he had problems to finish his dinner...
Elias was worrying for nothing though! Last but not least on Simonen's Elves-to-be list was Elias' name and Elias couldn't have felt more happier about his achievement! He's now a proud owner of an elf cap!

Merry Christmas!

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