Dec 12, 2015

273. Joulukalenteri 12 / Christmas calendar 12


Elias feels so bad. First he gets a bad grade from the first task and then fails at the second one. He is going to admit his mistake immediately. On his way back to Korvatunturi he meets an elder elf.
- What makes you that depressed, boy?
- I screwed up my task. The kid saw me, Elias mutters.
- What's the problem there? You didn't introduce yourself, right?
- Of course not! I ran away as fast as I could!
- And you were wearing "normal" clothes? the elder elf specifies.
- Yes.
- Then don't look that sad! You're safe. You were just like anyone else in human's world. Maybe a bit weird one but anyway... Go back and finish your task. Just be more careful this time. I will not tell about this to anyone. I've been there myself too, you know... Once, or even twice.

Elias feels better after elder elf's words. He waves his hand to the elder elf and goes back to finish his task.

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