Sep 28, 2014

181. Nichi

Anteeksi mutta tästä postauksesta tulisi ihan tolkuttoman pitkä jos kirjoittaisin tämän sekä suomeksi että englanniksi, joten tämä postaus on vain englanniksi. Koittakaa ymmärtää, kiitos. :)


This week was special to me because I went for a trip to London! I stayed there from Tuesday to Thursday and went all alone. The reason for the trip was a South Korean boy band U-Kiss' concert there. I was terrified when I was preparing for the trip alone but I was pretty calm when I was on the go. That surprised me really...

My flight from Oulu to Helsinki left at 11:45 on Tuesday and continued from Helsinki to London around five o'clock... I had few hours to spend at Helsinki-Vantaa airport and I used that by watching other travelers and chatting on Mind Pasta.
In London my first task was to get my train tickets printed. Then I took the train to London Bridge station from the airport. Next I hopped into the tube to get to the hotel in Southwark. When I was at the hotel I was soooo relieved! I just thought that I really did it - I really had arrived there on my own! Wow!

On Wednesday morning I woke up early. I ate some breakfast before I left to do some sightseeing to the Thames River. I was going to go around the park at Lambeth Palace but I ended up walking past the palace and just continued walking along the riverside. I couldn't resist watching the view there some more; all the small ships, the Palace of Westminster and so on. It was a nice and calm walk. :)

I walked to the London Eye by Queen's Walk and kept on admiring the misty river and it's landscapes. At some point I had to take a turn away from the river though since I had to take an underground from Waterloo Station to the other side of Southwark to see the Tower Bridge and other kind of views from Southwark area. After visiting the Tower Bridge and taking some pictures I headed back to my hotel.

At the hotel I had some rest because I had to get going again soon. I had made plans with another Finnish girl who was going to see U-Kiss' concert too. We didn't do the traveling together because we had different kind of plans for the whole trip but it was nice to meet up even briefly before the concert. We went to eat Korean food and chatted for a while before we got to the concert venue.

The concert was sooo sweet! Oh, I love U-Kiss so much! <3 The members were just as goofy and lovable that I've understood from their videos online and they sang live which was great! They performed many of my favourite songs and talked a lot about how coming to Europe was awesome. European KissMe's (=U-Kiss' fans are called that) support touched them. One lucky fan was invited to the stage when boys performed 'Mysterious Lady'... Oh how jealous I was, hahah!! Boys danced for her, hugged her and held her hand... Sigh, hahah! That haven't happened on other Kpop gigs that I've seen so I was surprised!

As always the concert was over way too early. I could've been there another two hours without any problem! I returned to my hotel with a stupid smile on my face even though I didn't yet fully understand what had just happened...

On Thursday I had to get up too early. My head and neck muscles were aching but I had no choise... I just had to get up, eat some breakfast, check out from the hotel and head to the airport. I tried to sleep in the plane but that didn't really help since my sleeping was so shallow. Eating could've helped but I didn't have time for that because my flights were late. Luckily I had a bag of chips and chocolate with me so I could munch them whenever I felt bad.

I was kind of sad to leave London but was also very happy to come back home. My dogs almost ate me alive because they were so happy to see me again, hahah!

Woah, that's it! That's my story from this week! Now I wish you all a nice coming week! :)

PS. See rest of the pictures here: [KUVAKANSIO]

Sep 27, 2014

180. Do

Siinä tämän viikon taidepläjäys ja alla jälleen making-off! :) Kerron Lontoon reissustani huomenna paremmin!


There's the art-piece for this week and its making-off below! :) I will tell you about my London trip tomorrow more!

Sep 21, 2014

179. Nichi

Tämän viikon taidemerkintään inspiraatio löytyi luonnosta. Pihallamme kasvaa hieno pensas, joka ilostuttaa pihaa syksyisin intensiivisillä syksyn väreillä. Mietin jonkun tovin että mitä piirtäisin kunnes katsahdin huoneeni ikkunasta ulos ja jäin tuijottamaan pensaan punaisia lehtiä. Siitä se inspiraatio alkoi sitten kukkia! :)


This week I got my inspiration from nature, more exact from our yard. There's a huge bush growing on our yard which has unbelievably intense colors during autumn. I just took a long look at it when I started to think what I could paint and I got an idea. :)

Sep 7, 2014

177. Nichi

Tämän viikon inspiraation lähde: näyttämisenhalu. Vaikka en vielä mitään kovin ihmeellistä olekaan ruvennut luomaan, niin sisäinen palo on alkanut taas kipinöimään isommin. :)


This week's source of inspiration: desire to show off. Even though I haven't created a lot this week I've noticed how the creative spark has started to re-form back into a flame. :)

Sep 6, 2014

176. Do

Kuva ja alapuolella Making of.


Picture and its Making of.