Dec 23, 2015

284. Joulukalenteri 23 / Christmas calendar 23


But Elias wasn't called to see Elf Simonen or Santa Claus. Several days passed and nothing like that happened. Elias was in awe. What was this? As an honest elf he marched to talk to Elf Simonen by himself. Simonen was just talking with the stable master elf.
- Excuse me... I'd like to apologize the incident the other day. With reindeers I mean. I forgot to lock the door properly when I heard the siren... Elias muttered.
- What are you talking dear trainee? Said the stable master in awe. - It definitely wasn't your fault but mine! I went to see that reindeers were okay since I heard the siren too. The door was locked for sure! But then Prankster got all dramatic and arranged such a chaos that every reindeer started to run around in panic! You were very helpful that evening. I haven't seen anyone being so fast with catching reindeers before!
Elias didn't know what to feel. Relief got him eventually. He decided to be extra careful with the stable lock anyway in the future, just in case!

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