Jun 23, 2013

35. Nichi

Heippatirallaa! Tällä kertaa teksti on vain englanniksi, koska käännettävää olisi tullut muuten todella paljon. :)


Hello dear readers! I hope you're doing fine there wherever you are! :)

Just like every Sunday I'm going to introduce you one of my source of inspirations this week. Once again it's someone and this time her name is Leilani Joy. I happened to find her speed-painting videos on YouTube one day and since then I've watched at least one video per evening. About her video blog she says the following:
"I host an online video blog show entitled Art NuVogue in which I document my creative process and share my ideas and inspirations!"
I love to watch speed-painting videos and learn how others do their creative process because I might learn something new along them and many times I get lots of artistic enthusiasm from them. And that all happens when I watch Leilani Joy's videos. I see new art equipment, different kind of canvases, ways to combine traditional and digital media etc. :)
Leilani Joy has her own style in drawing which I like a lot. She draws beautiful women with slender lines and uses colors well. I'll share links to her deviantArt and YouTube channel later so that you can see yourselves. Her style makes me also a bit jealous of her because I don't have a certain style which I could be known about. I just keep on messing around with different medias and styles, ehe. But I'm sure I'll get there someday! :] Meanwhile I can enjoy other artists cohesive art!
Okay, I'll give you the links to Leilani Joy's channels now so check them out. They're worth it! :) I'll also embed some of my favourite vlogs from her here. Enjoy and have a great coming week everyone!

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