Apr 14, 2013

15. Nichi

Tällä kertaa merkintä on vain englanniksi, koska käännettävää olisi muuten tullut ihan hirveästi. Koittakaa saada selvää soperruksestani! :D Pääpointti on kuitenkin se, että mikä tällä viikolla inspiroi ja vastaukseksi kysymykseen totean: inspiroivat ihmiset.

Oikein hyvää tulevaa viikkoa kaikille!


Howdy-how people!
Since it's Sunday and time for Nichi-post it's time to ask: What inspired me this week?
Once again I gained my inspiration from fandom stuff but it wasn't just squealing over some boy band/artist. I did that too, but it also made me think very deep in the end of the week.

It all started when I watched a Taiwanese drama called Autumn's Concerto during last weekend. It's a story about a boy and a girl who end up dating by a bet. The boy is from a rich family and he's a bit arrogant. The girl is from quite poor family but yet she's very positive about life and teaches about love and caring to that boy. It's a very typical set for a romantic drama... :] There're many many obstacles, like the boy's nasty mother who separates those two and the brain surgery which makes the boy lose all of his memories before the surgery. No-one know that the girl is pregnant when she moves to other city. After six years the couple meets each other accidentally again aaaaaand.. Rest you can find out yourselves! It was a lovely drama. I recommend!

But that was just the start. :D Actually the power to keep my inspiration go on was the main male role in that drama - Vanness Wu. Vanness is American-born Taiwanese multi-talent. I know him as a singer and an actor. After I had ended the drama I did a bit research and watched his music videos and interviews and listened his music...etc. Then I got to know that he's very religious. I'm not that religious myself even though I do believe in some greater power in this world but when I listened Vanness' talk about praying in one interview I felt moved. It sounded so kind of him to pray for other people. Of course I can't be sure if he does that all of the time and for real but somehow it's very hard to imagine that he would've lied... Anyway, I admire him more now. And I can't get enough of his songs...

Vanness Wu

About that deep thinking... It was before I watched that interview where Vanness talked about God and praying and that stuff but I started to think about the purpose of life. Maybe that's the reason why I was so touched by Vanness' words because I was already so deep in thought..? x) I even looked for some forum posts to see if people think about these things on these days. I noticed that some do and some don't. Then I found some blog posts which told me how I could find my life purpose. I read couple of them and read the comments those posts had received and many of those comments related to our beloved people. Most people want to do good for other people in their life. I felt the same when I tried one of those tips how to find my life purpose. Of course there're other things, too. I want to do good with art as well.

This is extremely long post already so I'll wrap it up now. The answer to my own question I asked in the beginning is: inspirational people. That's what inspired me this week. :)

Have a wonderful coming week everybody and stay tuned for next week's posts!

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